BlueNET's Staff Augmentation services , now called BlueStaffing, provides flexible and scalable IT Staffing services to your organization. In addition to providing highly skilled technical resources for short term and long term projects of yours in any numbers required, BlueStaffing also provides short-term and part-time staffing options for your organization.

Part-time Staffing options are BlueStaffing 's unique service offering to its clients. If you are on a budget and do not want to commit to a full time resource yet, BlueStaffing can still offer you the same skilled resources with flexible part-time schedules based on your needs and budget. Packages such as;

  • Package #1:  8 hours/week
  • Package #2: 16 hours/week
  • Package #3: 24 hours/week
  • Package #4: 32 hours/week
  • Package #5: 40 hours/week

with hybrid approach for delivery of service (on site & remote), you can fully customize the BlueStaffing services to fit your current requirements.

To learn more about BlueStaffing services, please call us at 1-866-960 9203 ext: 0 or email us at sales@bluenettech.com

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