BlueNET Technologies provides its customers offshore technical support and development services through our strategic and exclusive partnership with ITSD Support and Development Services LLC in Turkey. BlueOffShore Services provide the benefits of access to an experienced team of specialists with the added benefits of improved service quality, lower costs of ownership and reduced risk.

ITSD resides in ideEGE TeknoPark, which is one of the newly organized special IT research and development centers, called TeknoParks, in Turkey. ideEGE is located in the main campus area of Ege University, a leading research and development universities of Turkey, particularly in the areas of software development and computer engineering. With access to more than 40,000 students and hundreds of thousands of alumni of the Ege University, BlueOffShore services can provide highly skilled and scalable workforce to its customers in North America for most of the IT development and support services needs.

To learn more about BlueOffShore and understand how it can benefit to your organization's outsourcing needs, please reach us at or call us at 1-866-960 9203 ext:0


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