What is BlueALLIANCE?

As one of the industry’s most comprehensive “managed” IBM Business Analytics (BA) service offerings, BlueALLIANCE uniquely combines monitoring, maintenance, support and development as a bundled Business Analytics (BA) service line for any prospective customer. It is designed as one-stop shop for all your ongoing IBM Cognos Business Analytics (BA) needs.

BlueALLIANCE is the product of BlueNET’s 20-plus years of hands-on expertise with the IBM-Cognos Product Suite and our premier partnership with IBM.

In addition to an army of technical support specialists who specialize in IBM Cognos Business Analytics (BA) software, BlueALLIANCE also provides Business Analytics (BA) development capabilities through BlueNET’s offshore development center in Izmir, Turkey.

Simply put, BlueALLIANCE means end-to-end Business Analytics (BA) outsourcing capability for any given IBM Cognos customer.

What do I get when I join BlueALLIANCE?

BlueALLIANCE comprises 3 cornerstone service offerings, each of which complements the others:

  1. SUPPORT: 24/7 Support for your IBM Cognos Business Analytics (BA) platform
  2. MAINTENANCE: Pro-active maintenance and monitoring of your IBM Cognos Business Analytics (BA) platform
  3. DEVELOPMENT: Ongoing development and project work related to your IBM Cognos Business Analytics (BA) platform

For each service offering, BlueNET provides dedicated and experienced technical resources to get the job done. Each BlueNET resource working as part of the BlueALLIANCE service offering is fully certified in the entire IBM Cognos Business Analytics (BA) software suite.

What are some of the core benefits of BlueALLIANCE?

Here are a few of the benefits of BlueALLIANCE:

  • 24/7 Monitoring of your Data Processing & ETL platform to ensure accuracy and timeliness of your data
  • 24/7 Monitoring of your IBM Business Analytics (BA) platform to ensure 100% availability
  • Proactive maintenance of your IBM Business Analytics (BA) to ensure optimal utilization and efficiency of your platforms
  • A dedicated and experienced 24/7 Business Analytics (BA) Helpdesk to provide timely responses to your user inquiries. Please note that we are not referring to an ordinary helpdesk, an operation that is exclusively dedicated to and highly experienced in Business Analytics inquiries.
  • The ability to provide timely and cost-effective responses to cope with ongoing development and enhancement inquiries by using our years of product experience.
  • Cost-effective and flexible new Business Analytics (BA) Development capabilities via our hybrid solution delivery model, which combines our off-shore and local technical resources.

Can you provide me with couple of specific examples where BlueALLIANCE services will come in handy?

  • 24/7 Business Analytics (BA) Support:
    • You have a IBM Cognos Powercube failure at 1:45 AM EST. When it’s 1:45 AM in the U.S, it’s 8:45 AM in our offshore office in Turkey. Since your coverage includes both local and offshore support, you are covered. Before the 7:30 AM report goes out, our offshore team has 6 hours to address and resolve this failure, well before any escalation takes place within your own IT Team.
  • Proactive Business Analytics (BA) Support:
    • An IBM Cognos job failure occurs at 6:30 AM, affecting the distribution of a very important month-end report to hundreds of business users. No worries! You’re covered. Our BlueSPACE monitoring software will immediately notify our support team via an event-triggered control report to highlight the issue at the time of its occurrence, allowing them to proactively respond to it.
  • Business Analytics (BA) Maintenance:
    • IBM introduces a new FixPack that addresses some known issues with your IBM Cognos Business Analytics (BA) Software. You’re covered! Our BlueALLIANCE service includes hotfix, fixpack and MR release patching as part of its overall coverage.
  • Business Analytics (BA) Development:
    • Your Sales Department needs 2 new IBM-Cognos reports to be developed using ReportStudio. No worries! Our dedicated Business Analytics (BA) Development Team at our offshore development center in Izmir can quickly create these reports in a cost-effective manner.

How does BlueALLIANCE differ from other Managed Business Analytics (BA) Services Programs?

  • Unlike other Managed Service Providers (MSP), BlueNET values the quality of our services according to the duration of the alliance we establish with our existing customers.
    • We have had customers under this program for more than 10 years.
    • We have customers in these programs from verticals including Logistics, Retail, Health Care, Financial Services, Banking, and Energy.
    • We would be happy to have our customers to speak to you regarding the value of BlueALLIANCE.
  • Unlike many other Managed Service Providers (MSP), BlueALLIANCE is not an idea – it is a tangible service offering with a unique infrastructure, dedicated staff, SLAs and a Help Desk organization solely dedicated to providing Managed Business Analytics (BA) Services.

How is BlueALLIANCE priced?

BlueALLIANCE is priced according to the below considerations:

  • Number of Licensed Users
  • The estimated amount of development work needed by your organization
  • Whether you have a single or distributed BA Server Platform
  • How your ETL and Cube automation and scheduling is configured

Please contact the BlueNET Sales Team at 1-866-960-9203 ext:705 to receive a prompt quotation.

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